• Odysseum Baby

    What solutions for our angels ?

    Protect them through anti waves fabrics !
    Why and how do they protect ?
  • salon

    You like them ?

    Remember to protect your Angels !

    Offer an original gift with anti-electromagnetic wave solutions for pregnant women and babies from birth

  • Electromagnetic waves

    Electromagnetic waves

    A new form of intangible pollution.

    For the future of our children, it is important to be alert to this FLEAU.

    This is when a disease or health condition occurs that people then make the connection. Unfortunately it is often TOO LATE!

    Where does this pollution?

  • Whence come the waves?

    Whence come the waves ?

    • The mobile phone and DECT
    • Terminals WIFI and WIMAX
    • Baby monitors
    • Radio, TV
    • The microwave ovens
    • The High voltage lines
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