Anti-radiation sleeping bag 

The child sleeping bag with protection against electromagnetic waves - Made in France

The sleeping bags of Odysseum Protect are made in France in comfortable and soft materials. The sleeping bags have been specially designed to protect baby from wireless environnement from 6 months to 24 months. Our products have all been tested and their effectiveness has been proven at 99.9% of ambient attenuation according to the COFRAC approved electromagnetic field analysis laboratory (see attached test file). It's the metal fibers that stop the waves, so we call them shielding fabrics.

Protect the child from electromagnetic waves until 24 months

You can test your exposure and the effectiveness of our products yourself by downloading the Electrosmart application (the first wave exposure diagnostic application). Our lining of the anti-waves fabric is used to protect you from direct ambient waves that are emitted by WIFI, television, computers, tablets, mobile phones ...

A quality product (certified Oeko-Tex) of French design - the child sleeping bag with wave barrier

We took care of our manufacture and supply to offer you the best products. Our fabrics are certified Oeko-Tex, ie manufactured without presence of substance harmful to health. They are suitable for contact with the skin and more particularly for making children's clothing.

Odysseum-Protect precursor of the fight against the harmful effects of electro-magnetic waves

We have put in place our structure to help you and your children protect you from the harmful waves around you. Applying the precautionary principle is essential today because we are talking about a health risk that has not been officially proven. The waves are indispensable in the flow of information from new technologies and telecommunications thanks to 3G, 4G and now 5G networks, which are more and more present. The power of the 5G will be 10 times more powerful in terms of direct wave emission and their spacing much closer because the waves will be shorter to be more efficient. We live with their help but also be vigilant of their effects.

Odysseum Protect offers effective solutions to stop the absorption of waves - Ideal to protect children and pregnant women from the risks caused by the increasing use of device broadcasting more and more signals harmful to health!

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