• Grounding, protect yourself from the waves
    Grounding, protect...

    Connecting your devices with the ground named "the Grounding" is the complement for the electromagnetic anti-wave protection.

    We have selected for you solutions of "grounding" or "connection to the Earth"

    We live surrounded by more and more intense electromagnetic waves that have literally invaded our close environment either in High Frequency or Low Frequency. Applying the precautionary principle is essential today because we are talking about a health risk that has not been officially proven.

    The waves are indispensable in the flow of information from new technologies and telecommunications thanks to 3G, 4G and now 5G networks, which are more and more present. The power of the 5G will be 10 times more powerful in terms of direct wave emission and their spacing much closer because the waves will be shorter to be more efficient.

    We live with their help but also be vigilant of their effects. The solutions proposed by the connection to the Earth are effective because Mother Earth helps us to discharge while allowing our body to recover earth energy. Our body no longer stores electromagnetic waves in the body, but serves as a driver only. We can then benefit from a healthy electromagnetic hygiene and restore the natural electrical state of our body. We are walking today with shoes with rubber or leather soles that cut us off from direct ground contact, preventing connection with the Earth.

    Odysseum Protect offers you effective solutions !

  • Amber necklace for baby
    Amber necklace for baby

    We have selected for you an accessory that will relieve your baby during dental surges and reduce redness in the neck of the baby. Amber necklaces from the Baltic Sea have been known and recognized for thousands of years to help babies and children alleviate their pains. Forty million years ago, the ancestors of our pines and spruces covered central and northern Europe. Their sap captured thousands of tiny little animals and plants that are still perfectly preserved today. After the ice age, the forests were covered by the Baltic Sea. The resin of the pines, fossilized, was transformed into amber, an easily carved mineral that immediately seduced men by its color and its brilliance.

    Our amber baby necklaces are original, soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. Each 100% natural pearl has been carefully selected and mounted. A knot keeps each bead in place to avoid any risk for baby. Clasps are secured and comply with EN71-1. Ideal to offer, this accessory will be delivered in a luxurious presentation box.

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