What is the impact on children?


Children's brain is more permeable to electromagnetic waves as they have thinner bones and brain, this one being made of more fluids. Due to their age, they are longer exposed to waves.

The diagram below shows the waves penetration's rate into the human brain:

This diagram is pretty clear: children would absorb 10 times more waves / radiation than adults, that is to say an impact of 60% more than an adult.

Nowadays a baby sleeps surrounded by 20 to 30 WIFI networks in urban areas!

The Article 5231-3 of the Public Health Code prohibits mobile phone's advertisement towards young children under 14 years, but who knows about it?

The shorter the wavelength, the more it is harmful because it is stronger in intensity. The short wave is even able to break the bonds between molecules. These are the X-rays, cosmic rays and gamma rays emitted by radioactive substances, so the set of rays called "ionizing".
On the 31st of May 2011, the World Health Organization has therefore classified mobile phones in class B2 as "possibly carcinogenic to humans". Presently many studies show the link between pollution and disease or daily malaise (sensitivity disorder, headaches, tinnitus, visual disturbances, muscles disorders ...).

According to PRIARTEM, measures must be immediately taken at both international and states levels to reduce exposure to electromagnetic waves.

For this, it is necessary to:

* reduce the levels of exposure for both laptop users as for residents of antennas ;
* reduce sources of exposure, recalling that wired connections must be previleged ;
* widely inform on the risks and especially on the risks for children; and ban products specifically destined for children.

From today, nobody can say "the risk does not exist" and at their respective level - politicals, operators, employers, users, parents ... - should take account of it

There are documented cases of leukemia and cancers related to children, and closer to high power lines the rates are even higher. Electromagnetic fields might cause Alzheimer's to electrosensitive persons.
According to Dr. Dominique Belpomme: "There is a proven link between EMF and leukemia."
A recent study by Dr. Belpomme dating from January 2016, shows that the hyper sensitivity to electromagnetic waves can be determined by special markers.
A start of a collective consciousness with the vote of the BEE Act beginning of 2015 : WIFI IS FORBIDDEN IN NURSERIES

At the end of last August, a French court recognized a handicap to 85% to a woman suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. To Michèle Rivasi, MEP: "The Ministry of Health can not anymore deny this major public health problem ; it is a health scandal similar to that of asbestos or tobacco that is happening but the difference is that we are all exposed to the waves, so everyone's health is affected more or less seriously ... "


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