We live surrounded by wireless radiation

From one side there is the earth's natural magnetic fields close to the person's body, close to the human brain and storms.
On the other hand we got the waves created by Human named artificials. We are surrounded by wireless radiation also referred to radio frequency radiation (RFR) that make our daily life easier.
They are invisible and also go through walls.

Mobile phone and DECT
They both transmit continuous waves. They are both present in most homes and their radiance greatly exposes all residents to a significant wireless radiation.

WIFI and WIMAX terminals
The WIMAX terminals are used to increase the power of WIFI. Their transmission power is therefore more important. This radiation surrounded our daily life environment to connect us permanently everywhere in our house.

Baby monitors 
: Made of a transmitting base next to the baby and a receiving base next to the parent, the two databases communicate with each other by transmitting waves.

Radio, TV and computers : These devices radiate a permanent electromagnetic field that even in standby mode, continue to produce electricity.
Microwave ovens : The friction of water molecules within the food allows it to heat it up when in the oven. This technology uses the thermal effect of RF energy. The oven door can contain all the rays emitted during the heating period.
High voltage lines, radar : In France there are 100 000 km of power lines, whose 25% generate 400,000 volts and 25% generate 225,000 volts. For the remaining 50%, they diffuse a current between 63 000 and 90 000 volts. Logically where there is electric current, there is electricity! And for French radar, we count around around 6000 of them (taken in 2013) in daily function.

What is an electromagnetic wave?
Our daily environment constantly rubs with multiple artificial electromagnetic waves. For instance :
* mobile networks : made of antennas placed on the roofs of houses and highest points. In addition, mobile phones and DECT continuously transmit a signal to be always connected to the antennas.
* electrical devices : microwave ovens, electrical toothbrush, connected items, TV, all electrical heaters, lightings, computer, …. Everything connected to 50 Hertz generates electromagnetic fields continuously, even on standby mode! Baby monitors are connected via WIFI to the base to listen to babies.

We must distinguish two types of devices: transmitters and receptors.
TRANSMITTERS: phone, mobile phone, DECT, WIFI…
Transmitter devices transmit harmful electromagnetic waves, whereas receptors represent less risk as they only receive informations.
WIFI networks: they emit continuous waves as they are permanently switch on. Not only those in your house but also those of your neighbors (more important in urban areas).

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