Nature summer sheet

Nature Anti-radiation summer sheet to erect an effective barrier to the absorption of electromagnetic waves.

We chose materials that are effective in their composition thanks to silver fibers that block the high frequency ambient waves (wireless phone, Bluetooth, WIFI, WILAN ...) of our close environment as well as the low frequency electric fields (50 Hertz ).

To offer the best to our children to help their good development, here is our spearhead !

You love them, we protect them with this summer sheet in natural cotton with pink or beige models!

We created our blankets to answer a need of protection as of the conception of the baby, for the pregnant women and the children who are more fragile with the waves (according to the last study of ANSES published in June 2019). According to Jennifer Maherou, in charge of scientific documentation at the Health and Environment Association France (ASEF) : «The antenatal exposure to the waves is worrying because it is at this time that the brain of the fetus is the most fragile, because in construction, explains the specialist (source A Danish study from 2008 explains that fetuses exposed to the waves would be 54% more likely to have behavioral problems in their development.

Our summer sheet in natural cotton with pink or beige models, is very convenient because it folds easily and can be stored in a bag to be carried and accompany you throughout the day. It can be used to cover an infant and a young child after giving birth to the mother. It has a dual use and can serve longer.

Aesthetics is also an essential part of our range! We wanted to create sheets and blankets with an elegant and refined design to make your outfits pleasant. We create and manufacture entirely in France our articles. We are fervent convinced that the French quality is a real asset and advantage in our products because they were made with care and a lot of love!

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Care Instructions :

Lavage à 30° Maximum : Washing at 30 ° Washing at 30 °

Blanchiment interdit : Prohibited whitening Prohibited whitening

Nettoyage à sec Interdit : Dry cleaning forbidden Dry cleaning forbidden

Repassage Interdit : Ironing Max 100 ° Ironing Max 100 °

Séchage à plat - Ombre : Tumble dryer forbidden Tumble dryer forbidden



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Why it is essential to protect the child and the pregnant woman from the waves that surround us?

  • Protect yourself and your baby from waves (mobile phone, tablet, computer, smartphone, wifi, MP3 player, relay antennas ...) during your pregnancy.
  • Can also be used to cover an infant and young children.
  • During the summer period, during periods of heat, you can also protect yourself and your family from the danger of ambient electromagnetic waves..

99% effective anti-waves nature summer fabric sheet with pink or beige models, tested and approved by the application ElectroSmart, 1st diagnosis of exposure to the waves

(other areas Europe and World, Fees not included)

Data sheet
Tissu extérieur 100% cotton
Tissu intérieur Anti-waves: 40% Cotton, 30% Polyester and 30% silver fiber stainless, gray color
Dimension 75x100
Poids 260g
Lavage à 30° Maximum Washing at 30 °
Blanchiment interdit Prohibited whitening
Nettoyage à sec Interdit Dry cleaning forbidden
Repassage Interdit Ironing Max 100 °
Séchage à plat - Ombre Tumble dryer forbidden

Test our protections with the electrosmart app:

Evaluate your exposure in one click !

ElectroSmart provides an easy-to-use exposure index to help you make the right decisions (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, etc.)

Moderate your exposure easily

In all contexts ElectroSmart helps you to know the waves around you and gives you the means to act on them.

Discover your exposure

  • Low, moderate or strong. You will be able to easily know the quality of your environment.

Identify the source responsible for your exhibition

  • All sources that expose you are displayed by power. The strongest at the top.

Act on it to reduce your exposure

  • Move away from the source, turn it off, put an insulation .. It is very easy to reduce its exposure with simple gestures.

A strong exposure? Do not panic, simple actions can reduce your exposure and allow you to moderate it. Follow the recommendations using the app.

Downloadthe electrosmart application pour Android

We asked our partner ELECTROSMART (first wave diagnostic application) to perform tests on our products. Results: 99% attenuation !

The shielding fabric attenuates both High Frequencies and Low Frequencies, so we chose it! The attenuation surface of the High Frequencies is important with this anti-wave tissue. The attenuation of the waves does not weaken even if the intensity of the electromagnetic signal increases thanks to the specific structure of the tissue.

No nano particles in our protective fabric and it has an anti-bacterial effect due to its specific structure. This is a special weave between silver fibers and textile fibers thanks to innovative technology.

Our specificity: choosing a high performance fabric!

Our specificity: choosing a high performance fabric !

Tissue performance tests are performed very regularly in an electromagnetic fields laboratory to check the quality of the batches and are tested according to the standard ASTM D4935-10, IEEE Std 299-2006, IEEEE Std 1128-1998, ASTM A698/A698M-07

The shielding fabric used is tested in the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Fields and attenuates from 35 dB to 50 bB. The fabric has a conductivity surface of 100-800 ohm which gives it an optimal shield effect.

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