Aulterra Whole House and Computer USB

The AULTERRA™ Home USB Flash Drive provides complete protection against ambient electromagnetic fields for the entire family.

The Aulterra™ USB Flash Drive is brand new on the market and available from us!

This USB key has the same properties as all the products of the Aulterra range by its composition in active paramagnetic rock that compensate for the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution on the human body.

Aulterra™ is a biological compensation technology.

It does not suppress electromagnetic radiation but neutralizes its harmful effects through the biocompatible information it carries.

The product comes with a French adapter plug to be able to attach the USB stick directly into a wall socket.

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Aulterra™ is a biological compensation technology. It does not suppress electromagnetic radiation but neutralizes its harmful effects through the biocompatible information it carries.

Two new products are now available: the USB key for the home and the USB key for the car. They are specific because the key for the home acts on the alternating current while the USB key for the car acts on the direct current of the battery and which powers the electronic system on board.

It is important to respect their use because their composition is unique. Use the key for home, workplace, computer or internet; and the other key for the car only.

The effects observed with the use of the USB key are the same as with the socket in a house, that is a feeling of better being general, release of the occiput, release of the shoulders, better centering and verticality, less influence of the waves and screens on the person, especially in front of a computer.

The Aulterra USB key performs a subtle energy cleaning of the dirty electricity of our environment, particularly subject to the CPL and the Linky.

The key fits into any USB socket or adapter of your electronic and computer devices, preferably on your internet box, or your laptop when you travel.


The electrical and electronic circuit of your device supports biocompatible information generated by the Aulterra™ USB memory stick that expands into your home or office space as long as there is no break in the circuit on which the key is plugged.

When to use it?

- Prevention of electromagnetic wave hazards;

- in the case of hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves

- if you use wireless technologies (such as Bluetooth, Wifi, mobile phones, DECT) intensively, resulting in prolonged exposure to screens in a charged electrical environment



The key is placed on any USB socket in the home, place of work, on the internet box directly or on the computer when travelling;
    The Aulterra™ Home USB Flash Drive does not use electricity to operate; it is a natural, non-invasive technology.
    A time of 3 days is required for the entire network to be harmonized;
    The key neutralizes electromagnetic fields in all places of life;
    Use your entire network as a medium to neutralize EMC ambient radiation.
    Will last a lifetime if used carefully.
    No maintenance required.


All forms of electromagnetic pollution are neutralized with this system.

The USB key neutralizes the pathogenic effects of exposure to electromagnetic (Cems) and radio-frequency (RF) fields. It is one of the only products on the market that has in vitro studies demonstrating that human DNA can be protected from harmful consequences.

Dr Rein carried out a study in June 2006 on mobile phone radiation with and without Neutralizer Aulterra TM tablet. With this video you will see the changes in the blood through the use of the lozenge.

This study clearly shows us a 50% reduction in the intensity of the peak radiation while the smallest peaks have been eliminated.

Video of EMF effect on blood with and without the Neutralizer

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